Sunday, August 23, 2020

find a perfect domain for your business using this tips

finding a perfect domain for your business is very much essential for your business to grow.

 because its the only thing which tells about your ideology to the viewer or the customer of your website.

when we say that a perfect website, it means a perfect domain as well which also shows your perfection, niche and talent definer because it's only the thing which may tell your viewer that who you are and how you can help your customer or viewer.

even in blogging as well domain plays an important role, for example, you love football and you bought a domain named as "". here both the name is related to sports but both are different in categories and niche as well, it doesn't mean that every football lover comes to your website, more likely chances are you will get more visitors from sports category which is cricket, and this will spoil your website because articles or products you are promoting or writing are related to football on the domain name called and viewers came to your domain in search of products or articles related to cricket.

so I mean to say is try to select a domain related to your niche, product or name related to your business. it will help you a lot in finding a perfect domain.

when you have a perfect domain which is perfect for your business can give you more value, priority and suggestions from search engine like google, yahoo, bing as well.

now the question is how you will find a perfect domain?

there are three simple step :

1. plan a perfect domain name using any online domain suggesting website.

First try to get a perfect name using your niche, topic and use some common names related to your niche of blog and website, or use online tools. There are lots of online domain name suggestors which you can use to get a perfect suggestion.

Websites like lean domain search, domainwheel, namemesh, etc. can help you for doing this process. 

2. buy domains from popular or trusted registrar.

you can buy and register  your domain name on trusted registrar or the sites you trust. popular domain registrar like godaddy hostinger, HostGator etc. are the better option according to me.           You can use these websites to buy a hosting as well. or young can your favourite domain free just by buying a hosting from them.

3.keep your domain safe and secure.

after buying a domain keep your safe by using domain locking safety feature given by your domain registrar to lock down the domain transfer. otherwise there is a chance of unauthorised domain transfer.

and one more thing try to make things simple, secure and don't forget to add your website to google webmaster as well.

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